Risen Energy’s Yarranlea Solar Farm is connected to the grid


Risen Energy (Australia) has completed the construction of the 100 megawatt AC Yarranlea Solar Farm and achieved network registration with Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) on January 3.

The Yarranlea Solar Farm is undergoing the staged commissioning procedures.
“The staged procedures we are performing allow us to currently generate 28 megawatts to the grid. This is followed approximately 1 month later with 50% output, and a further month after that to 100% output” said Eric Lee, General Manager Risen Energy (Australia).

“Staging the transition to full output ensures that the network is stable as this is relatively new technology to the Darling Downs area.  This commissioning regime ensures that there is minimal potential for disruptions to stable power supplies to the community” said Lee.

Risen Energy has worked closely with Ergon Energy and Powerlink to achieve registration of the Yarranlea Solar Farm and will continue to work with them to complete the smooth transition to full output for the solar farm.

“We are very pleased that we have achievethis milestone by working closely with network providers and anticipate having a fully operational solar facility in a few months, supplying green power the Darling Downs area.” said Lee.