Notice on COVID-19


In these uncertain times, we believe in maintaining “life as per normal” as much as humanly possible. Risen Energy (Australia) has been monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 situation and we are continually adapting our operations and business.

The health and safety of our employees and external stakeholders are of utmost importance to us and we have taken extra care to ensure we maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Additionally, we are big advocates of “self-management”. We have encouraged our staff to manage any potential symptoms and to ensure proper care is taken to stay healthy and safe.

Over the past few weeks, we have taken various precautionary measures:

  • We have implemented a strict no-attendance policy for any staff who displays any symptoms of the virus
  • We have disseminated face masks and disinfectant wipes/sprays to staff in our 2 offices and 2 sites
  • We have encouraged the adjustment of seating where staff are required to be at least 1.5 metres working distance from one another
  • We have suspended interstate travels until further notice
  • We have encouraged social distancing by minimising face-to-face meetings with customers and instead recommend using online means
  • We are encouraging staff to work from home from the 23rd of March until the 31st of March (or until further notice)

Rest assured that Risen Energy (Australia) is diligently monitoring advisories from the Australian government and we will take further actions as and when they are necessary. We would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and we will continue to work alongside you despite these challenging times.

Stay safe.