A solid team effort to reach a significant milestone- 82MW export to the grid


Risen Energy (Australia) has worked collaboratively with Ergon, AEMO and consultants EPEC and Yurika and to achieve approval of 82MW export limit for Yarranlea Solar Farm from 2 October 2020. This staged transition to full output has ensured that the network is stable as this is relatively new technology to the Darling Downs area. This commissioning regime has also ensured that there is minimal potential for disruptions to stable power supplies to the community. As a result of this successful approach, the farm is now delivering enough clean, renewable electricity to power up to 26,500 homes.

Risen will continue to work with Ergon and AEMO and aim for the release from Hold Point 4 Testing in Q4 2020, which will complete the smooth transition to full output for the solar farm.

John Zhong, Vice General Manager of Risen Energy (Australia), has attributed Risen’s success to streamlined communication, teamwork and cooperation amongst all parties involved in this project. He was appreciative of the contribution of Risen’s stakeholders in the project and added, “we thank our stakeholders who have helped us achieve this major milestone, especially Ergon Energy, AEMO, our consultants EPEC and Yurika”.

Mr Zhong added that he is excited to partner up with existing stakeholders on a range of exciting opportunities and that these strategic collaborations will be key to Risen’s goal of 2GW pipeline of renewable projects.